Monday, June 20, 2016

Watch Gus McBarkley Grow

Updated May 20, 2016 -Gus is three years old.
Gus at three years of age.

We adopted Gus McBarkley on July 12, 2013, from the Helen Woodward Animal Center near San Diego, California.  The staff estimates he was born the last week in April, 2013.  When we brought him home he weighed 5.6 pounds and his height from ground to shoulder blade was 8 inches. Measuring from nose tip to tail base, he was 17" long.  The shelter said he was a terrier/cattle dog blend.  I sent a cheek swab of DNA to the lab. They said he is indeed Australian Cattle Dog on one side and the other side is primarily miniature poodle. (See results below) I posted a photograph every week until he was 9 months old, then every two weeks, and finally each month, totally 27 photos. You can watch him grow below.

Gus' Weekly Growth Photos

10 weeks old, July 12, 2013
5.6 pounds, 8 inches tall, 17 inches long

11 weeks old, July 20, 2013
6.7 pound, 9 inches tall, 19 inches long
He gained a little over a pound, 1 inch in height
and 2 inches in length. And his muzzle is longer,.

12 weeks old, July 27, 2013
8 pounds, 9 inches tall, 20 inches long
His head is getting bigger, but not much else.

13 weeks old, August 3, 2013
9.2 pounds, 9.5 inches tall, 21 inches long
He's gained a little over a pound a week.

14 weeks old, August 10, 2013
10.1 pounds, 10 inches tall, 22 inches long
He's almost doubled in weight in one month.

15 weeks old, August 17, 2013
11.2 pounds, 10 inches tall, 22  inches long
Another pound, no additional height or length

16 weeks old, August 24, 2013
12 pounds, 10 inches tall, 23 inches long

17 weeks old, September 1, 2013
13.3 pounds, 11 inches tall, 25 inches long
His big dog teeth are coming in.  His puppy coat is disappearing.
His front legs are beginning to bow.
20 weeks old, September 21, 2013
15.8 pounds, 12 inches tall, 26 inches long
He's almost housebroken, and his front legs are not as bowed
as they were three weeks ago.
21 weeks old, September 28, 2013
16.3 pounds, 12 inches tall, 26 inches long
I had the carpets steam cleaned this week.  Hope it's not wishful
thinking.  You can tell he's getting used to his Saturday
photograph.  No squirming about.  He knows his
basic sit, stay and come commands.

22 weeks old, October 6, 2013
17.2 pounds, 12.5 inches tall, 26 inches long
He continues to gain a pound a week.
His sleep pattern changed. Deep coma-like
puppy sleep has ended, he awakens easily
to sound.
23 weeks old, October 13, 2013
17.9 pounds, 12.5 inches, 26 inches long

24 weeks old, October 20, 2013
17.9 pounds, 12.5  inches, 26 inches and a smidge long
He is outgrowing his bowed front legs.
25 weeks old, October 27, 2013
18.7 pounds, 13 inches tall, 27 inches long

26 weeks old, November 3, 2013
19 pounds, 13 inches tall, 27 inches long

27 weeks old, November 7, 2013
19.9 pounds, 13 inches tall, 28 inches long
Just got a bath

28 weeks old, November 17, 2013
19.9 pounds, 13 inches tall, 28 inches long
First week that he hasn't gained any weight
30 weeks old, December 1, 2013
20.1 pounds, 13 inches tall, 28 inches long
Just a three ounce gain. This week was the first time
he barked to be let outside to potty.

32 weeks old, December 15, 2013
21.4 pounds, 13 inches tall, 28 inches long

He's gaining weight again.

34 weeks old, December 27, 2013
21.8 pounds, 28 and smidge long, and 13 plus inches tall
My guess is at 18 months he will top out at 24 pounds,
30 inches long and 14 inches tall.
36 weeks old, January 11, 2014
 When a dog is fixed at 8 weeks, like Gus was,
 if he doesn't lift his leg by 9 months, it won't happen.
The week he finally lifted his leg to mark.Yea!

22.8 pounds, 30+ inches long, 13 + inches tall
38 weeks old, January 21, 2014
23 pounds, 30 inches long, 14 inches tall
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40 weeks old, February 1, 2014
23.3 pounds, 30 inches long, 14 inches tall and still growing

42 weeks old, February 15, 2014
24.4 pounds, 30 inches long, 14 inches tall
He went to the groomer this week for the first time. That's why his hair
is so flat.  No more conditioner.
45 weeks old, March 6, 2014
25.7 pounds, 30 inches long, 14 inches tall
Still gaining about half a pound a week.
48 weeks old, March 29, 2014
25.5 pounds, 30 inches long, 14 inches tall
25.5 pounds 
One year old, April 24, 2014
26.5 pounds, 30 inches long, 15 inches tall
Gus is one year old, celebrating a birthday with me - April 24.
In the future I'll photograph him on his birthday and add to his blog.
18 months, October 24, 2014
27.3 pounds, 30 inches long, 15 inches tall

I think he's done growing. He's a very confident, personable
and willful little dog. Lucky us!
I was wrong. He's continued growing.
Gus at age two, May 1, 2015
30 pounds, 30 inches long, 15 inches high
Gus at age three, May 1, 2016
Same size and weight as age two
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***More about Gus Below***

Gus at 11 weeks old

15 weeks
10 weeks

14 weeks

17 weeks
24 weeks

Gus at 36 weeks

On vacation in Palm Springs,  29 weeks old.

Gus at 18 months.  Quite a grown up. He looks very much like
his Mama in photo below.
Gus' DNA test indicates one parent is:

Mama: Australian Cattle Dog

The other parent is primarily Miniature Poodle

I guess I can see that.

Does this mean he is a Cattledoodle?
See lots more Cattledoodle dogs here.

Gus at ten weeks (left) and 38 weeks (right)

Birthday boy
Two years old.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Do We Look Like Our Dogs?

In May 2009, researchers published a study suggesting that people do indeed look like their dogs.  They cropped photos of both dog and person so only the eyes were revealed.  "Two thirds of the judges selected a set of 20 real dog-owner pairs over a set of 20 fake dog-owner pairs." 

Do the results support the popular belief that there is a physical resemblance between dogs and their owners? The researchers say YES.

But Dr. Barkman says "HAH. IMPOSSIBLE!" And here's why: 

Look at these picture of Dr. Barkman with her dogs.  If she looks like every dog, then the dogs would look like each other, too."

Dr. B and Auggie
A.                                         B.
Dr. B and Chance
A.                                         C.
Dr. B and Izzy
A.                                         D.
Dr. B and Jesse
A.                                         E.
Dr. B and Lolly
A.                                         F.
Dr. B and Ruth
A.                                         G.
Dr. B and Coyote who lives near the golf course
A.                                         H.
Dr. B and Will
A.                                         I.

In conclusion, dogs don't look like their people…except in some cases:
Gus and his boy, Scooter.

Read the journal article:
Dogs Look Like Their Owners: Replications with Racially Homogenous Owner Portraits

Read what Slate magazine had to say:
What Makes People Look Like Their Pets?