Monday, June 6, 2016

Do We Look Like Our Dogs?

In May 2009, researchers published a study suggesting that people do indeed look like their dogs.  They cropped photos of both dog and person so only the eyes were revealed.  "Two thirds of the judges selected a set of 20 real dog-owner pairs over a set of 20 fake dog-owner pairs." 

Do the results support the popular belief that there is a physical resemblance between dogs and their owners? The researchers say YES.

But Dr. Barkman says "HAH. IMPOSSIBLE!" And here's why: 

Look at these picture of Dr. Barkman with her dogs.  If she looks like every dog, then the dogs would look like each other, too."

Dr. B and Auggie
A.                                         B.
Dr. B and Chance
A.                                         C.
Dr. B and Izzy
A.                                         D.
Dr. B and Jesse
A.                                         E.
Dr. B and Lolly
A.                                         F.
Dr. B and Ruth
A.                                         G.
Dr. B and Coyote who lives near the golf course
A.                                         H.
Dr. B and Will
A.                                         I.

In conclusion, dogs don't look like their people…except in some cases:
Gus and his boy, Scooter.

Read the journal article:
Dogs Look Like Their Owners: Replications with Racially Homogenous Owner Portraits

Read what Slate magazine had to say:
What Makes People Look Like Their Pets?


  1. I could send you a photo of me and DottieB rear view and you'd have to eat your words.

  2. What a fun post!....seeing as I've only ever had Schipperkes, it would be an honour to look like my dogs, but they are way too cuter than I could ever be......