Monday, December 22, 2014

Doberman Pinscher History in Vintage Photos

"The Doberman Pinscher, one of the most important and distinctive of German terriers, is a large and handsome black-and-tan dog, of about the same weight as our Airedale. He is built and muscular, and his appearance signifies speed, strength, and endurance," wrote dog expert Robert Leighton in 1907.

These photos of "typical Dobermann Pinschers" circa 1900 are included in his book on page 504.

The breed was developed in the late 1890s by Louis Dobermann. 

Dobies today.

Dobermann, very early.
Today the breed name is spelled with only one "N", as in Doberman Pinscher.

First Chancellor of Germany, Otto Von Bismark, about 1890
Although these dogs resemble Dobies they are actually
Great Danes.

About 1940
Ear cropping is illegal in most of Europe although still
widely practiced in the US and parts of Canada.
Dr. Barkman says that the best ear is the one nature intended.


  1. Very handsome dogs indeed, exactly as nature intended them to be, such a pity to crop tails and ears.........

  2. Otto von Bismarck's dogs were Great Danes. Pretty sure the dog below is also a Dane.

  3. Thanks for the information. I'll correct it.