Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why Do Dogs Play?

 Playing isn't all fun and games; it's an evolutionary strategy.
Branch manager and her assistant

One thing (among many) we have in common with dogs is that we both play. What makes both species unusual is that we play throughout our lives.  Although many animals play in adolescence, few continue to play into adulthood. 
Two adults just goofing around
Lifelong play is unique. Most animals stop playing
after adolescence.

Play behavior extends learning throughout life, a characteristic that’s crucial to evolutionary adaptation. And in a fast changing environment it might be the difference between extinction and survival.
Playing is a problem-solving exercise,
a necessary part of learning new things.
Playing is not only fun, it’s an indication that a species has the ability to learn ways of adapting. 
Canids and Humans
Two of the most adaptable species on the planet
Play is one of the reasons.

This is list of five games that dogs play with each other:

Mouth Sparring
Clashing teeth while making threatening sounds,
a form of wrestling

Needs no explanation

Chase Game
You chase me then I'll chase you

Keep Away
Withholding an object from the other player

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