Friday, February 14, 2014

Cross-species Valentines Day Tribute-

Roses are red, Violets are blue, We love our dogs, How about you...

Quadrupeds: (left to right) Grace, Angel, Buster, Sumo
Bipeds: Charles and Carol
Chance and Chumley
Sadie and a smitten Christy

Crista and Paige

Rod and Gus
Twins seperated at birth - Deb and Ruby

Jake and his boy Allen - meant for each other
Cecelia and Daisy

Matt and Buddy

Gizmo and his pets, Elaine and Rev
Dot and Babs

Max and Tom

Laurie and Chloe
Rocco and Debbie

Mr. Toad and his person, Bronwyn
Sue and Sara
Lisa and Zen


  1. Wonderful photos for Valentines. Happy Valentines to you.


  2. A lovely gallery of photos, reassures me that I'm not spoiling my dogs too much judging by some of the pictures, especially of man and dog snoozing together on the couch LOL!!!! This week my girls had their teeth scaled and their nails clipped at the vets, because their royal highnesses would never let me anywhere near them with a toothbrush or clippers......I've come to the conclusion that I'm the 'mutt' of the household, gotta laugh.......... Happy Valentines.....

  3. Awesome blog! Love the photos in this post too :)