Monday, December 16, 2013

Vintage Photos of Old Houses, Families and Dogs

 I've collected many hundreds of vintage photos that include dogs in the picture. 

As a cultural historian trained to look for differences between today and yesterday, I've been delighted to find so many thrift store photos that capture a sense of what life was life in 19th and early 20th century America.  But the photos that delight me the most are the ones that include a dog in the picture.  Below are some from my collection of house/family/dog category.

The enclosed water tower (right side of photo) was common in northern California.  In the close up you can see that the dog is a Pointer.

Is he sitting on top of his dog house?

The farm house below was somewhere in the Midwest. The photo was taken around 1890-1900. The dog looks like a working collie dog.

The wagon is good too.

This craftsman era bungalow indicates a west coast neighborhood, probably around 1915.  You can see two dogs in the close up.

Another craftsman style house.  The Saint Bernard was very popular at the turn of the 19th century.

The citrus orchard makes me think this is California, but the dog is an all-American mongrel.

You can hardly see the dog in the photo below. I think it dates to about 1880.  I like it because in addition to the kids, parents, grandparents and family dog, they invited all their horses and mules to join in.


  1. Thanks, as always, for your interesting photos. I especially like the last photo with the huge group; it makes me happy to see an old photo that shows a horse with such a shiny coat! I have a vintage family photo somewhere that shows one of my relatives holding their favorite chicken! These old pictures give us a lot of insight into the lives of those that came before us... thanks again for sharing these images, Beth

  2. Wonderful old photos!!!! Aside from the family pooches and other animals, I also love the old houses and the womens' clothing!! Wishing you a safe and happy Christmas!!!!!

  3. What wonderful photos and something fun to collect. I never think to look at the old photos in the consignments, I am sure that a few have dogs and others with quilts in them. Will be more vigilant, next time I go thrifting.