Sunday, September 1, 2013

How many teeth does a dog have?

Having a puppy around with sharp little needle teeth and very little bite inhibitation has been making me wonder when exactly those weapons of mass destruction are going to fall out.  I did a little research and this is what I found out.

Ouch - nature's diabolicle design
Puppies are born without any teeth, and I imagine mama is thankful for that.  When nursing is complete, 28 primary teeth erupt, beginning about 5 or 6 weeks of age.  That lovely puppy breath is related to tooth development.

Beginning at 14 weeks and ending around 7 months, the 28 puppy teeth are replaced by 42 adult teeth. Thank goodness they don't have 42 baby teeth.

 The reason you hardly find puppy teeth around is because as the adult tooth develops, the body absorbs the tooth material below the gums, so only the thin caps fall out of the pups mouth, usually while she is eating. But if you were to find some, here's what they'd look like.

What's a puppy tooth worth to the tooth fairy?

To read more about puppy teeth, click here.


  1. Oh! I agree about the puppy teeth, fine little razor type thorns LOL!!! When my puppy was growing and developing her adult teeth, I did actually find a couple of her 'baby' teeth, and kept them!!!! Now that both my dogs are 11yrs old, they have lost a few to the vet - broken, worn, cracked, loose!!! I get them cleaned regularly and those that are left still useful!! Great post!!!

  2. My puppy's baby tooth is still there and he's about 8 months old (approx as we got him from the animal welfare league pound) is this normal

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