Wednesday, September 18, 2013

English Setters in Vintage Photos

I'm a softee for setters, having lived with them most of my life.  These are some of my favorite English Setter photos, vintage and otherwise.

The only English Setter ever trained as a guide dog, with his guide dog trainer, about 1975.
Guide Dogs of the Desert

A Setter contemplating his lifetime achievment awards... or maybe his birthday cards.

President Grover Cleveland with his English Setter
Library of Congress
My ex-husband and his first dog, Peggy. 

A proud Setter dad

Setters on the front porch, circa 1890s

Is that a Setter or a Field spaniel? I think it's a well-fed Setter.
I've lived with seven English Setters, all pictured below except Roscoe and Spot. Spot was really my sister's dog, but I had him for the first 5 months of his life, so he counts.   

Kate (1977-1989)
Mickey (1984-1994)
Mike (1999-2012)
Will (1980-1993)
Rose (1979- 1992)


  1. They are a beautiful dog. I was wondering, how are their personalities compared to irish setters?


  2. Wonderful photos!! Thankyou for sharing those special dogs that were a part of your life! I haven't seen many of that breed locally, I'll keep an eye out for them now!!!