Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dog Jokes

Light-hearted joking is a tactic your dog uses to interact with you. The laundry thief who runs through the living room dragging your undies is engaging you in her idea of a dog joke.

It’s a moment you’re both thinking about the same thing at the same time and having a bit of shared humor, something that reinforces the relationship. The dog knows that when you respond with laughter, you relax.


Dogs excel at sight gags. These are dog jokes from readers:
  • My dog would push his toy under the couch just out of reach of his paw, then whine until I got up to pull the slimy thing out. As soon as I sat down again, he’d repeat the routine, continuing the game until I finally say “Enough”. Then he’d grab his toy – Surprise! He could reach it the whole time– and out of the room he’d prance, looking for some other naive victim who would tolerate his sophomoric joke.

  • I know my Lab is joking because he carries stuff he is not supposed to have. That way he can guarantee that I will ask him to give it to me.  He is generally very good at giving me things. I will tell him to pick something up and when I say ‘give’ he will put it in my hand.  However, sometimes he will walk up to me with something he is not supposed to have and when I say ‘give,’ he will drop it just out of my reach.  I tell him to pick it up and he does, but then he will drop it just outside my reach again.”
  • Our Terrier will go stand by the back door like he wants to be let out.  Then when one of us gets off the couch, he runs around behind us and steals the empty seat.  Then he acts like, ‘What?  Who me?’"
  • My dog puts his tennis ball in the sink when I’m brushing my teeth.
  • Within minutes of my taking my shoes off, my Border Collie comes and takes them and stashes them in her dog house.  Sometimes she has 8 or 9 shoes in there and she is perched on them like a chicken on a nest of eggs.

  • In the show ring, a certain dog would sit up and beg whenever a judge approached, a joke that entertained the crowd a lot more than it did the judge.
  • When our 10-year-old dog hears, “Is it BATH time?” it’s an invitation to clown around. He starts by assuming that “Want to play?” stance, with front legs extended in front of him and hind end up in the air. The thing that cracks us up is that he makes the whole movement really fast, sort of slapping his front legs and splaying them out in front of him, and repeats the movement as he runs around the house, preferably with a toy in his mouth.  We find this pretty funny, and egg him on by chasing after him.  It’s obvious that this is fun for him and he’s enjoying being the center of attention, making us run after him. 

If you know a wisecracking pooch with a wicked sense of humor and would like to share a story or two, let me know and I’ll post it. My email is

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  1. My guy liked to pay hide and seek. He would put his ball into something that was near me, like the laundry basket or a drawer and try to hide it by pulling something over it. Then he would sit and stare at me until I found it,lol.