Sunday, May 5, 2013

King Edward VII's dog, Caesar

King Edward VII died on May 6, 1910.  Like his mother Queen Victoria, Edward loved dogs.

Queen Victoria and Edward VII
In the Victorian era it was customary to remember deceased loved ones with snippets of hair tucked into jeweled lockets or woven into brooches. Edward kept a hair bracelet made from the coat of his rough coated Fox Terrier, Jack. 

In 1902, another Fox Terrier, Caesar, ruled the King's heart. Somewhat mischievous and certainly spoiled, Caesar was a notorious ankle-biter, and amused the King at the expense of servants and royal relatives alike. The dog's collar read, "I am Caesar. I belong to the King."

When the King died in 1910, Caesar followed the casket, leading all the heads of state including nine kings.   Edward's nephew, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, was less than amused and complained interminably of the insult.

Daily Mail
Heartbroken, barely eating or drinking, the grieving dog is said to have spent his days searching rooms for his missing master.  Caesar died four years later, April 18, 1914. Today his likeness lay at Edward’s feet in the King’s tomb in St. George’ Chapel in Windsor.

Caesar is buried at Marlborough House.

You can read more about Caesar here.

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  1. A lovely post!!! I love these scruffy little terriers, they look such characters!!!! Thankyou for sharing the link also, interesting read!!!!