Friday, April 12, 2013

Wet dog shake-off

Dogs and other mammals shake water off to prevent hypothermia.  

Some smart guys at Georgia Institute of Technology did the math:  Large dogs can rid themselves of 70% of the water in their fur with a four second shake-off episode.

Shaking speed varies by size. The smaller the animal the faster the shake. A mouse shakes 18 times per second.

  A 65 pound dogs shakes 4.3 times in a second.

Watch the 2 minute video produced by Georgia Tech.  It's poetry in motion set to Strauss' Blue Danube.

Read the science behind the wet dog shake: Wet Mammals Shake at Tuned Frequencies to Dry.   Why the dog seeks you out before she shakes the water off is still unknown.

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  1. I did laugh at your final comment, because it is so true LOL!!!!
    My little Schipperkes shake so much their little feet sometimes lift off the ground, and then they run around for a few moments! My dog Shali is very sensible, she always finds a sunny spot to dry off after that, but the rescue Tia goes into her dog house, they both love the blow dryer which I use after 2-3 hours, just to dry them off completely, especially during the cooler months! Loved the short video clip as well, amazing!!!!