Saturday, April 20, 2013

How Dogs Drink

It may look like your dog curls her tongue upward when she drinks.

But she does the opposite. A dog picks up liquid with the back of the tongue and tosses it into the mouth. Watch this very cool slow motion video of a dog doing just that.

It takes three laps to begin pushing liquid down the gullet.  Why do some dogs drip water from the bowl to your lap?  Water on one side of the tongue goes into the dog, while water on the other side goes back into the bowl.  It also has to do with how far the tongue reaches into the liquid.

Long tongue?
Read the article that explains the science behind dog lapping at Global Animal.


  1. Very interesting, know I know why my girls can be such messy drinkers LOL! Great links, especially to the Global Animal, I've added that to my list of regular reads!!

  2. Something I never noticed, very interesting tidbit.