Monday, January 7, 2013

Vintage Dachshund Photos

The Dachshund derives from badger hunting dogs. The old-style dog had longer legs.
Bronze, sometime between 1835 - 1860
And shorter ears.
Woodcut 1879
Victorians were the first to keep hunting dogs, including Dachshunds, as house pets, much to the annoyance of sportsmen.  By the late 1880s, doxies gained popularity in the UK as both show and pet dogs, upsetting a whole lot of Germans who continued to breed the dog primarily for hunting.

O mein Gott! Sie müssen scherzen! Wann beendet es überhaupt?

Victorians started a new craze which continues to this day:  Any breed, no matter what size or purpose, can become a house dog, although in my humble and experienced opinion, some are better at it than others.
c. 1900
One British author wrote in 1879, "The dachshund is really a sporting dog, but every one who knows the winning affectionate dog knows that he is excellently well adapted for being the companion of the gentler sex."  
Photo late 1800s
What Doxies do after a hard day's work badgering badgers.
The thing is though, Victorian breeders modified working dogs, aesthetically or behaviorally or both, to adapt to their new role as  house pets.  The old type doxie was larger, with longer legs, and must have been more than a bit of a handful to keep in a Victorian parlor, especially due to the breeds resistance to house breaking, which hasn't changed all that much.

Eventually the companion type Dachshund was bred to be smaller.

About 1915

Doctor Barkman with her sister's favorite dog, Duchess.


  1. Fun photos, love vintage pet photos, great for inspiration.


  2. Most enjoyable read. Every bit the pet of the ladys. I know...Me being of the fe-male line myself. They are by fare one of THE best Devoted breed of dog anybody could wish for. I have now.This three weeks gone become the owner of my 3rd Adopty Dacy. And. If I had the chance If I do get the chance there WILL come a time when I will adopt yet another one. "God Blress Um...Every One . " My new Boy is finding it hard to understand my ole lady Cat Tabbatha. I shall in time get photos to the Dachshund Breed Council. news letter ext. I have a little girl of 13/14 in South Africa I belive. Such a sweetheart she is. Tells me all about her little pet Dachshund. I Have contact with Dachshunds Full. And a Brand new world about and of Dachshunds has opend up. And LOADS of interest. I Do inclued The info Ive just read above. Very Bests Wishes. From Sandra G. England. 7th of the 11th 2013.