Monday, December 10, 2012

Vintage photos of students with dogs

     There really was a time when dogs followed kids to school, then waited by the classroom door all day.  When school was over, the two walked home together.

1920s photo of students enrolled in Catholic school. 
I wonder who the dog belongs to.

He poses with such a sense of purpose.

Depression era photo of children attending a one-room school house.  
The dog is on the left (enlarged below). Many of the kids are barefoot.

There's no question as to whom the boy belongs. 
He may have no shoes, but he has something better-
The love of a loyal dog.

Class of 1908. Their mascot is in the front.

What kind of ball is that?


  1. What kind of a ball? kaput....

  2. Thanks for giving this great details to here about vintage photos of students with dogs. I really like this amazing information.

    1. Thanks for commenting. When a dog is in the picture, we feel more connected to the students for some reason.