Friday, November 9, 2012

Military Dogs

Veterans Day is held on the anniversary of the end of WWI to honor US veterans. This post is to remember all the dogs that served in the military - as mascots, scouts, trackers, bomb sniffers, rescue dogs and companions.

Civil War perhaps.  Arrow points to the dog.

Sallie was a companion of the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry.
She is memorialized on Oak Ridge at Gettysburg
National Park.

General Custer with one of his many dogs.
Library of Congress

The site is the Custer memorial.

Sergeant Stubby was the most decorated dog of WWI.

Rags was a WWI hero.
Library of Congress

Marine in Korea
U. S. Naval Institute

U.S. Naval Institute


Beside the links above, these are good sites to see photos and learn more about dogs in the military:
US Army Quartermaster Foundation War Dogs 1942 - Present
U.S. Naval Institute's Sea Dog Page. Fantastic photos.
I posted a photo of Civil War era Mastiffs.


  1. Wonderful photos and history on our wonderful dogs who also served.


  2. Those are just wonderful and we loved stubby. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Thanks for posting these. It's nice to know that some dogs were rewarded with a good life after active duty, whether it was offical duty or not. So many dogs have been abandoned as "equipment" in past wars.

  4. The Civil War picture arrow is pointing at what looks like an American Water Spaniel. After taking a closer look you can see a second dog to the left which has the boxer like head and short ears as the statue of Sallie depicts. It looks like she is just ready to jump off the hay bale since a her left leg is pointing outwards. I edited the pic on my computer and you can see this other dog clearer. I am not sure how to post the edited pic on this blog.

    Either way, thank you for posting the picture! I was enthralled by the story of Sallie, which I read in the 2013 Almanac, and was happy to find a pic of her here! Also happier to see what looks like an AWS on the battlefield along side Sallie! We recently adopted Lily, an AWS herself and she is the best breed, very loyal and happy! Thanks again!

    1. I'd love to see the enhanced photo Lani. Can you send it to me digitally via my email, and then I will post it.