Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lincoln's Dog

Abe Lincoln and his dog were devoted companions. Where Lincoln went in Springfield, the dog followed. Fido was never scolded. He was always allowed in the house when he scratched the door, and into the dining room at mealtimes where he was fed from the table.   Apparently he was so spoiled that he slept on his own horsehair sofa. To read more about Lincoln's dog, Fido, read the Abraham Lincoln Research Site.

Photos: Henry Horner Collection at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum


  1. What a wonderful story, a dog well loved by lincoln and his neighbors.


  2. Very interesting. I am a dog owner and lover to the max and am so pleased to read this about Lincoln. I didn't know any of this and now I have even more respect for the man.

    Kim in VA

  3. Me too Kim. We always think of Lincoln as a cat person, but he loved all animals. When he went to Washington, he asked the neighbors to take care of Fido, as he was concerned the dog was too old for the trip. The neighbor's were given strict instructions as to how to spoil him appropriately. At Lincoln's wake in Springfield the dog was nearby to welcome mourners.