Thursday, September 20, 2012

What is the global dog population?

How many dogs in the world?  
Well, it depends.  After checking five sources, I'm fairly confident there are 900 million to a billion.
  • 300 million companion dogs
  • 600 million stray and free-ranging dogs
Companion Dogs
Based on a survey of 68 countries by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) the top ten countries with most pet dogs:

This means that two thirds (201,684,000) of the total companion dog population lives in just ten countries:
  • USA    67,085,000
  • Brazil  30,335,000
  • China  26,800,000
  • Mexico 17,500,000
  • Japan    13,179,000
  • Russia  12,325,000
  • United Kingdom  10,500,000
  • France  8,360,000
  • Indonesia  8,000,000
  • Italy  7,600,000
In comparison, the countries below have lots fewer pet dogs:
  • Egypt  71,000
  • Lebanon  50,000
  • Saudi Arabia 32,000
  • United Arab Emirates 10,000
  • Kuwait  7,000
Stray and Free Ranging Dogs 
The population of un-owned dogs is difficult to determine.  The World Health Organization estimates 200 million stray dogs populate the planet. The WSPA states it's closer to 500 million.

Bali alone has more than half a million stray dogs. India has 30 million.  Sierra Leone has one of the highest population densities of stray dogs in Africa, about 100,000.

Cities with high stray dog populations:
  • Baghdad 1 million
  • Mexico City 1 million
  • Bangkok 300,000
  • Bucharest 200,000
  • Detroit (Yes, Detroit) 50,000
  • Moscow 35,000
  • Belgrade 17,000

WSPA says stray and free ranging dogs make up approximately 75% of the world wide dog population. If that's accurate, and I think it is,  based on 300 million pet dogs, that would put the world dog population at close to a billion.  

To get more information go to the National Council On Pet Population.

The Found Animals Foundation is funding scientists who are working to develop a low cost, single dose, non-surgical sterilant for dogs.


  1. What is the pet dog population in India

    1. According to the World Society for the Protection of Animals, in 2007 India had more than 6 million pet dogs. This does not include India's stray and free ranging dogs.

  2. I never thought that the dog population would be this big. I'm from the Philippines and in a one list my country was included. (, ranked no 8) Anyway regardless of the various sources, this information opened my eyes. They are growing at a staggering rate but sadly there are few people in the world who are willing to have them.

  3. how about companion animal demographics in Indonesia?