Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dog Food Recipes

Dog Food Recipes from the 1784 edition of The Sportsman's Dictionary

I seem to be stuck on dog food.  So I'll make this post short.

In the 18th century, dog food recipes were job specific, and sometimes even breed specific.  This one was recommended for trail scenting hounds. 

"In regard to food, carrion is by no means proper for them.  It must hurt their sense of smelling, on which the excellence of the dog greatly depends."
barley meal
wheat flour
grease tallow
sheep's feet
Mix together and make a broth.  Bake well or boil.

Gun dogs, like setters and pointers, might enjoy a breakfast of home made hard biscuit meal with minced breast of mutton.  Dinner could be biscuit meal soaked with bullock's heart soup.

What was good for the gun dog was not good for the greyhound. Greyhound supper:
crust of bread
soft bone
Scald in beef, mutton, veal or venison broth.  When it is cool, float all of it in good milk.

My dogs would approve.


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