Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Saint Roch is the patron saint of dogs.
My sister's interpretation of the Saint Roch story.
The feast of Saint Roch day is this month, August 16th, so prepare to celebrate with all the dogs you hang out with.  As Saint Roch is said to have said, "The least we owe them is to live a life that is worthy of their devotion..."

Saint Roche was born in France in 1295.  He devoted his life to healing the sick, in particular comforting those who were dying from the plague.  While in Rome, Roch believed he'd been infected with the disease, so he left the city to prepare a place for prayer  and death.  The story goes that while praying, he was approached by a small dog carrying a piece of bread.  Not only did the dog give him the bread for nourishment, it also cleaned and healed his wounds. Cured of the plague, Saint Roch and the dog returned to Rome together and continued to comfort the dying.  Saint Roch died in 1327 of natural causes.


Saint Roch was canonized 100 years after his death, in 1427.  
There is no mention of canonizing the dog.

The story demonstrates both the bond between people and dogs and the power of each to heal and rejuvenate the other.  Hence, Doctor Barkman proclaims August 16th as take your dog to church day.

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  1. Wonderful story and nice to know our furry babies have a saint to watch over them.