Monday, December 29, 2014


UPDATE:  AND THEN UPDATE AGAIN: Pope Francis says dogs go to heaven! Not exactly. Soon after he made the statement, conservative theologians came back saying he was only speaking conversationally. "Dog don't have souls hence have no place in heaven". Oh please.  Dog is God spelled backwards.

Will Rogers said, "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."

The Rogers family
Do dogs go to heaven?  Of course they do.  But if you're wondering which religions sanction the dog's eternal salvation, here's a list of answers.

  • Mormons? Yes.  Uh Oh. Watch out Mitt Romney.
  • Buddhists? It's complicated.
  • John Calvin, founder of Calvinism? Yes.
  • Martin Luther, founder of Lutheranism? Yes.  He had a number of lap dogs in his little itty bitty committee.
  • Hindus? All animals have souls. That's all they'll commit to.
  • Baptists?  No way (correction -one of my readers commented that it depends on the church.)
  • Buddhists? No.
  • Unitarians? Can't say.
  • Muslims? No.
  • Jews? Hedging their bets, but leaning toward not so much to maybe.
  • The Bible?  It depends on who's translating the text.
  • Protestants? There's is no biblical assurance that pets will be in heaven (see The Bible above.)
  • Catholics? No then yes, then no. See update above.

Saint Roch is the dog's patron saint. Read more about Saint Roch here.

And if your church believes that dogs go to heaven, let me know.


  1. I really can't remember, but I was raised Baptist and always remember animals as being part of heaven. I think it depends on the church. I became Catholic after I got married and my favorite was always St. Francis and his love of animals.


  2. Well for Pete's sake, of course, dogs go to heaven. If they didn't, it wouldn't be heaven. Nothing's much good without dogs.

    Actually, I'm betting they're the only ones that do. They certainly have a lot more soul, without exception, than most people I've met. Dogs are here to remind us of what heaven can be, ought to be.

    p.s. which is it for Buddhists? 'It's complicated?' or 'No?' I'm pretty sure their reincarnation theory has room in it for dogs - not that it matters. We'll find out soon enough, and I'm with Will Rogers on this one.

  3. Apparently a lot of us pick and choose from the smorgasbord of religious beliefs. That works for me. Buddhists don't believe in the afterlife the same way other religions do. In fact, if you've created bad karma in your life, you come back as a dog to work things out, a sort of demotion I guess. (Buddha was not familiar with the lifestyle of our indulged pooches.) Here is a good link to a website about the dogs in heaven question according to faith.

  4. Dogs definitely go to heaven!!!! They don't sin, they are perfect in my opinion....LOL!!!!
    So....of course they go to heaven!, and as one your commenters say, if they didn't it wouldn't be heaven, and yes, I want to go where they go.......

  5. Dogs don't sin? I disagree. Mine regularly breaks the 8th (Thou shall not steal) if food is left unattended and is not too good with the 10th either (Thou shall not covet) when it comes to other dog's toys and food. But only God is perfect - dogs are a close second. And if they don't go to heaven, then I guess I'll be pitching a tent up by Rainbow Bridge when we eventually meet up there.

    1. Well you certainly have a point. It's a fine line between deception and sin. Is deception a sin?